How Construction Companies in Rhode Island Ensures Your Home Smells Fresher

Indoor air quality is far removed from our minds until we start suspecting a problem. It could be due one or the other foul odor or increased sneezing activities once the HVAC is busy running. That is when we realize how much we need the services of trusted general contractors.

Without this reminder, years may go by without us giving a thought about the quality of the air we breathe in when indoors. Without a doubt, even the most spotless of homes will need the ductwork cleaned every once in a while.

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These may be invisible to the occupants, but they still perform a vital function. Hidden under the floorboard or behind drywall, air ducts carry warmer air from the HVAC unit to us during the colder months and cool air in the warmer months.

Our homes are as precious to us as our bodies. One has to maintain it as you would do for your body. Every homeowner needs to know how to take proper care of their home. Our residence offers various vital parts that add to the comforts we experience from day to day. A construction company takes great care to ensure any installation work is carried out with precision. Air ducts are among the most important of these as it keeps the air from repeatedly circulating within a single area. This is why it is so important to carry out regular air duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning companies are often hired by a general contractor to employ individual blowers, brushes, and vacs to clean out the intake, supply as well as the return ducts of your home or office. It should also involve a proper cleaning of the registers, air handler, fans, grilles, housings, motors, and coils of your HVAC unit.

When Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

If done correctly, vent cleaning doesn’t hurt. However, it is not something that absolutely must be part of your home maintenance to-do list. Most likely, you do not have to get these cleaned unless:

Your home or office has been renovated – especially, in the presence of asbestos, you would need to remove lead paint, or have your ductwork cleaned. Vents need to be closed off while renovations are going on to prevent debris from getting lodged in the ductwork.

Any signs of animal nesting themselves in your HVAC unit or ducts. Make a plan to remove the animals before hiring an air duct cleaning service to clean the HVAC system and ductwork.

You detect a visible mold growth inside your ductwork, then your HVAC and ducts should be cleaned.

You happen to notice contaminants like pet hairs and other odors making their way into the room through the vents once the registers have been cleaned; then the ducts would have to be cleaned.

Someone in your family starts suffering from various allergy-related illnesses, and you’ve done everything possible to keep it free from pollutants.

What Should You Expect from a Professional Air Duct Cleaner?

Your facility may face dirty duct problems, meaning you have to hire a professional air duct cleaning service. What would be your expectations from cleaning companies? For you to know how to verify if your service provider is up to the task, you may want to follow the guidelines set out by the EPA.

The vent cleaning service provider should:

  • Unlock all ports and doors to make sure the entire system is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  • Be sure to look at the system before cleaning to search for materials containing asbestos. These materials must not be disturbed and should only be uprooted by reputed air duct cleaning contractors who are trained in asbestos removal.
  • Use a vac that will dissipate particles outside of the building, or utilize a HEPA vacuum cleaner to keep the particles under control.
  • Preserve the carpeting and furnishings throughout the cleaning procedure.
  • Brush the duct exteriors and vacuum clean it to remove all dust and particles.

Keep the ductwork save by applying a non-porous coating and re-insulate the access holes. Make use of soft-bristled brushes to clean metal ducts that are lined with fiberglass or duct board made of fiberglass. Ensure you adhere to NADCA regulations for vents containing fiberglass.

How Contractors in Rhode Island Make Life Easier Using Essential Tools

Things have changed with regards to construction in that houses are way more efficient than those that got built when teenage carpenter helpers were around. You may still remember them wearing a canvas nail apron they borrowed in the morning, which they had to return during quitting time.

Contractors have a host of power tools at hand to make their jobs easier.

However, some of their tools are made by the tradespeople who work for these companies.

Back in the day, carpenters would build most of their own tools and work aids instead of buying these. We must admit that it is difficult to beat the tool bags in store as these feature parts organizers that are in full use nowadays.

Most of these are manufactured from plastics, extruded aluminum and wear-resistant fabrics that are both lightweight and strong.

On the flip side, when a contractor makes their own bins, boxes, sawhorses, and jigs, they get what they want to work with.

Take the sawhorse. One can easily build these to fit into your trunk simply. Furthermore, you can pick them up using one hand while the i-beam top provides them with sufficient strength and rigidity to guard them against the occasional nick.

How Would Contractors Make a Sawhorse?

By simply crosscutting three planks for the top section, which is achieved by tilting the table blade to roughly 73-inches.

While the saw blade is at this angle, you would use it to crosscut the legs to the appropriate length making use of a miter gauge.

Towards the end of your sawhorse project, you would fasten the legs to your i-beam using 4 wood screws and glue. Any sharp corners would be rounded using a sanding block.

What are some of the tools a contractor would purchase for themselves?

One of these would be a hydraulic air riviter to ensure are rivets can be shot into the wood with a mere pull of the trigger.

Another useful power tool is the multi-bit screwdriver that features a rolling ratchet mechanism and smooth, seamless action, together with seven double-ended bits.

Other Handy Self-Made Tools for Construction Companies

Surely, general contractors have piled up more fasteners over the years than you can count. Keeping these organized is hard. Typical parts bins do not always work out. They do not hold enough and are not mobile-friendly. It sure would be nice to carry every part you need in an organized fashion. Whether it be a bolt, screw, nail, or doohickey. How much easier wouldn’t it be just to build a nail and screw organizer that you get from leftover plywood and pine.

Each section of the nail tray would make provision for two boxes of screws and nails.

What about using a low sawhorse?

One won’t believe how much contractors would use these. It is made up of a piece of a plank with the sole purpose of creating a low platform to set your work on and serve a dual purpose in that the contractor can stand on either the lower or upper shelf when needed.

Other interesting contraptions that come in handy, would be as follow:

  • Sandpaper ripper – You would build it using a scrap piece of plywood to rip paper for your old-school rubber sanding block. This way you can hold and tear larger pieces of paper. Hacksaw teeth can be used to tear smaller pieces of sandpaper.
  • Work Triangles – One can cut these out of scrap birch or plywood. These are superb for holding in place a sub-assembly at 90 degrees for which you would drive a screw into. Do not feel sorry for your triangles. Once they get chewed up, you can just toss it away and make others.
  • Cord Wrappers – You can make these from plywood. All you need to do is mark out the pattern and saw it to size using a jigsaw. One can make use of a belt sander to get rid of any irregularities. Some chaps would skip the handholds for the cord wrapper while others will cut a slot to allow them to tuck in both ends of the cable.

Besides having the right tools at hand, contractors would ensure they wear robust hand gloves that are made from thermoplastic padding to help protect their knuckles for times when they have to peel off a piece of wood trim or swing a sledge.

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